Chicken Invaders 5 Beta Download

Chicken Invaders 5 The Paradoxical Paradox

Chicken Invaders 5 The Paradoxical Paradox

Did you wait for Chicken Invaders 5 : The Paradoxical Paradox too long ? 

Chicken Invaders 5 : The Paradoxical Paradox, the fifth game in the successful game series, has been finally released today by the producers "Interaction studios".
To the new players I suggest you to try the older game versions since I think it is much more fun to play from start(older versions download are available in the site just look for it) , but its your decision anyways. 

Little introductions to the news of you, the first Chicken Invaders version has been released in 2008 by "Interaction studios", since then they released five versions with about three editions to each, like Christmas edition and Easter edition. Currently, most of the versions are available only for computer, but there are some versions for smart phones and Mac/iPad.
Chicken Invaders 5 The Paradoxical Paradox beta downloadThe game genre is war, basically war between humans and galactic chickens, the game is available to play in some modes, you can play single or multi player and another extra thing in this version, its the first time you can play online vs your friends and not only about the score but 1v1 too - "Last Man Standing" mode.
As any other version, I can't rate the difficulty level since you can change it based on your skills,
this game has no any age restrictions, the game isn't really long but it will take to you some days to end it, but you always can change the level and try again. The game is auto saving too.

You probably very interested why the game called "The Paradoxical Paradox", from my point of view it is because this game has many updates and extras and it is a real paradox
One extra as mention before is the option to play online versus other players from the world.
In this version, like the older versions, your enemies are galactic chickens equipped by extraordinary weapons and equips, they attack again leaded by their parents that are much bigger than them, those galactic chickens want to destroy the world again, even after many tries   ended at failures they didn't give up.
In this version, the chickens came much more ready and with many new weapons that you can take of them like telepathic power, when you use it you need to aim your mouse on the targen and it kills it in half a second.

The file is locked to protect from bots and abusers. Less People use it the better will be the performance of this software. In this way we make sure that only those who really need this will get it.


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